[Dev Notes #11] June 2023 Dev Notes
CounterSide 2023.06.22 6:00 오전


Dear CEOs,

This is Kim Hyun Soo, the Head PD of CounterSide. 

On June 2023 Dev Notes, we are going to talk about big updates coming up in July before introducing the ¾ quarter roadmap for the Korean server. 

【 The New Co-Op Battle Boss 】 

On the Global server, the new co-op battle boss, Tyrant Gigas will be introduced on August 9, 2023. 

Tyrant Gigas will have strong skills and gimmicks, which will be more challenging than the Demolition Worm. 

Now, before releasing the boss, I am here to tell you more about this boss in detail. 

The most important point to remember is that during phase 2 after two minutes of combat remains when Tyrant Gigas start using its Special and Ultimate Skills.  

This Special Skill will summon Tyrant Armor around Tyrant Gigas. If the CEO does not meet the hit count on the armor to pass this gimmick, the boss will nullify all the barriers within its effective area for 10 seconds while damaging everything on the field with a certain amount of true damage along with guaranteed critical damage.

Tyrant Gigas’ Ultimate Skill will nullify the barrier within its effective area and damage the units with true damage along with guaranteed critical damage. The units hit by the Ultimate Skill will be under barrier nullification for 10 seconds.

Tyrant Gigas’ enhancement by level is as follows



Levels 1 & 2

Tyrant Armor: Removes armor after 80 hits within 10 seconds and acquires attack buff 

Tyrant Gigas: 100 hits within 16 seconds for Special Skill cancellation.

Levels 3 & 4

Tyrant Armor: Removes armor 90 hits within 9 seconds and acquires attack buff 

Tyrant Gigas: 110 hits within 15 seconds for Special Skill cancellation.

Levels 5 & 6

Tyrant Armor: Removes armor 100 hits within 8 seconds and acquires attack buff 

Tyrant Gigas: 120 hits within 14 seconds for Special Skill cancellation.

Level 7

Additional 1 Tyrant Armor on the left-side Tyrant Gigas

Tyrant Armor: Removes armor 110 hits within 8 seconds and acquires attack buff 

Tyrant Gigas: 130 hits within 14 seconds for Special Skill cancellation.

Levels 8 ~ 15

Additional 2 Tyrant Armors on the left-side Tyrant Gigas

Tyrant Armor: Removes armor 120 hits within 8 seconds and acquires attack buff 

Tyrant Gigas: 140 hits within 14 seconds for Special Skill cancellation.

※ +50% defense buff on the first level, and an additional 5% per level increase.

Tyrant Gigas’ special and Ultimate Skills that negate barriers will cancel barriers like [Esterosa de Chevalier: Near Astraea] have. This can be acknowledged as barrier reflux during the actual in-game play. 

Moreover, with the appearance of the boss, we are going to change the co-op battle schedule from 3 weeks of active battle period and a week of break. Each season’s reward will be halved from the 8-week-long schedule and the increase in the elimination reward and cumulative reward will increase. Furthermore, after this update, CEOs will be able to get all the rewards after eliminating level 5 ~ 6 bosses to reduce the burden a bit. 

Furthermore, starting from the next co-op battle season, the purification rate and the acquirable list of artifacts will show up on the battle report screen, which will ease hunting the boss more than it is right now. 

【 Dimension Trimming 】 

Dimension Trimming was originally planned out to be content where users can farm for high-level equipment. Though forcing players to manually play made the content unfriendly to the users. 

Therefore, in mid-July gimmicks that require players to play manually will be adjusted overall to lower the stress of playing the content while giving more access to the equipment. 

【 Substream Seasonal Episode and QOL Addition 】 

[World's most delicious and horrifying chocolate], [Fateful Summer], [Vice President’s Holidays], [Winter Cabin Party], and other seasonal event episodes will be added under a separate category, Seasonal Records. 

New seasonal episodes featuring from August 2023 will have their story updated after a certain amount of time. 

Additional QOL features, such as showing related episodes while reading through each of them will be added soon. 

【 Ship Balance Patch & Skill Seal Effect Adjustments 】

A ship is an element where it can actively engage and influence the outcome of battles. However, the skill seal effects were also applicable on ships leading to CEOs feeling helpless and cannot do anything under unfavorable conditions and even some CEOs thought this was a gameplay bug. To resolve this issue, we decided to give permanent immunity to ships from getting their skills sealed. 


We also noticed, however, by doing so, New Ohio may be undervalued from this patch. As such, instead of giving the ship a completely new set of skills, we decided to buff its passive skill. 


  • Enemy Soldiers' DMG Taken AMP +10%

  • Enemy Soldiers' DMG Taken AMP +15%

  • Enemy Soldiers' DMG Taken AMP +20%


  • Enemy Soldiers' DMG Taken AMP +10%, Knockback RES +50% after deployment

  • Enemy Soldiers' DMG Taken AMP +15%, Knockback RES +75% after deployment

  • Enemy Soldiers' DMG Taken AMP +20%, Knockback RES +100% after deployment

Moreover, when Gleipnir: Pod Type’s first active skill, [In Static] and [Adv. In Static] is active, the area of effect for ASPD 50% decrease has been increased slightly. This will affect static bosses which will give a competitive edge to the ship in the PVE content. 


【 Before the New Gauntlet Season 】 


On both Courage Seasons, if you have achieved a league diamond 5 or higher, [ Replacer King: 

Overlord of the End World ] was given out, and the [Frame: Noble Will] will be given to those who had more than 1 special skin. This frame cannot be acquired by other means and will be mailed to you during the settlement period. 

A new season, Sincere, will be opened with seasons separated into two. As mentioned in the last Dev Notes, leagues above Diamond 4 will be adjusted like the below.



During the Sincere season, SSR ships’ MAX DMG Taken Limit now also includes CRIT DMG RES as well. This buff will be applied on the June 28’s patch and may be changed or deleted through additional notice.


The reward for the 2023 Sincere season will be given to Amy Firstwing. Please look forward to her attractive yet deadly looks.

Her limited skin will be given out at the end of each Sincere season to those who ranked Diamond 5 and above. Although you won’t be able to check the skin right away when the season starts on June 26. We will make sure you can check the skin out when it is available. 

【 New Substream Episode - Ethereal Moon Splitter 】


Another Nanahara episode after [The Sun-Calling Tracks], [Ethereal Moon Splitter] will be updated on July 5. This episode will feature [ Orochinagi Nanahara Chifuyu ] and [ Full Moon Nanahara Chinatsu ] depicting the danger that draws near the Nanahara Family. 

【 New Mainstream Episode 9.5 - The Compassionate and the Heartless 】

Mainstream Ep. 9.5 will be updated on July 19. Please look forward to the episode as it will feature Sysop, [Levia Thanis], and other characters. Levia will be featured as a counter pass on July 26.

【 Other QOL Improvements 】


On June 28’s patch, CEOs will be able to select any equipment and see where to acquire the same pieces. Units that do not yet have the recommended equipment list will have their own, soon. 

CEOs can find the list of added favorite operations through [Operation]→[☆]→[Change Order]. 

Lastly, on the PC client, a [Mouse Cursor] option is added. This will give an option to CEOs to actually use it on the client and to adjust the size if desired. 

【 Prestige 】

[ A Blossoming Desire ] will end on June 27 at 14:00 (UTC-5). After a short break, a new prestige will begin on August 2023. The next prestige skin belongs to Tenured President Regina MacCready.

The following skin will be featured first on August 2023 first and the awakened unit, Tenured President Regina MacCready will be released on September 2023. 



【 Origin Half-Anniversary 】

A preparation for the half-anniversary on August 2023 is currently underway. More detailed information will be announced separately.

This concludes the June 2023 Dev Notes. 

We will do our best to make the game more fitting. 

Thank you.